Power Flushing heating systems

Improve boiler performance and reduce energy bills?

Power Flushing improves the energy efficiency of your central heating and hot water systems. You could save as much as 10-15% off your annual gas bill and help prevent costly repairs in the future.

Why power flush your central heating system?

The water within any system can become dirty over time. Radiators rust in central heating systems producing a black iron oxide sludge that builds up causing the system to run ineffectively. In hard water areas particularly London lime scale builds up causing the following problems

Dirty black water when bleeding radiators confirms system corrosion.

Radiators cold all over from blocked valves and pipes.

Pipework blocked from lime scale and sludge build up.

Benefits of power flushing

  • Improved central heating efficiency and hot water systems.
  • Eliminate boiler noise and extend lifespan.
  • Improves water circulation and restores heat output.
  • Lower fuel bills.

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